• Gold Au $1810.70 $-8.86
  • Silver Ag $25.39 $-0.18
  • Platinum Pt $1057.00 $-8.29
  • Palladium Pd $2692.00 $-4.00
  • Call 307-672-2177

Selling Old Jewelry

Sell Gold or other Precious Metal scrap. Transparency, Pricing, Discretion

D&J Coins buys all types of unwanted gold jewelry, silver jewelry, platinum jewelry, placer gold, dental gold, sterling silver tableware, etc. The condition, brand, or design is not usually important as we simply buy it for its precious metal content. As such, our process to determine the value is based upon purity, weight and the spot price of gold silver or platinum. We weigh the items in front of you and we use the spot price of gold, silver, or platinum at that very moment to determine the value of your items. The process is fast and transparent. We explain everything we are doing each step of the way. A few items will only take 5-10 minutes from start to finish. And we encourage you to ask any questions you may have – we are happy to explain the details.